Welcome to the homepage of the Boknis Eck Time Series Station.

Monthly sampling at Boknis Eck began on 30 April 1957. Thus, Boknis Eck is one of the oldest - still operated - time series sites worldwide. Here we present an overview about the activities at Boknis Eck, its facilities, a brief description of its setting and the history of Boknis Eck. Moreover, registered users can access the database through the data link.

Boknis Eck is included in the list of  Future Earth Coasts/LOICZ affiliated projects.

Since October 2014 Boknis Eck is a member of the International Group for Marine Ecological Time Series (IGMETS).

In March 2015 Boknis Eck became a member of the German Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (LTER-D).

Since April 2016 Boknis Eck is a member of the Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA).

In September 2018 Boknis Eck was endorsed as a Baltic Earth Project.

Bokins Eck is run by the Chmical Oceanography Research Unit at GEOMAR and its activities are coordinated by Hermann Bange.