Welcome to the homepage of the Boknis Eck Time Series Station.

Monthly sampling at Boknis Eck began on 30 April 1957. Thus, Boknis Eck is one of the oldest - still operated - time series sites worldwide. Here we present an overview about the activities at Boknis Eck, its facilities, a brief description of its setting and the history of Boknis Eck. Moreover, users can access the database through the data link.

Boknis Eck is a member of the International Group for Marine Ecological Time Series (IGMETS) and the German Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (LTER-D).

Boknis Eck is endorsed by natl. and internatl. programs such as:

Future Earth Coasts (former Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone, LOICZ),

Coastal Observing System for Northern and Arctic Seas (COSYNA),

Baltic Earth and

Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS).

Boknis Eck is run by the Chemical Oceanography Research Unit at GEOMAR and its activities are coordinated by Hermann Bange.